Warranty Program


Working with the Original 

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we offer our customers a warranty program to keep them operating when unforeseen issues arise throughout the entire lease term. 

RPM - Reconditioning Process and Methodology 

RPM is a Barnett exclusive model!

A proprietary reconditioning protocol specifically developed to ensure that every unit we lease is in the best possible operating condition. RPM involves a thorough inspection and replacement of the needed components associated with every performance, safety, and comfort system of the truck.

Driver Assurance Program

An exclusive Barnett offering covers your truck 

during the most 

critical startup time. 

Account Management Support

You will be guided by your own personal Account Manager.


We will always be available to answer questions or help resolve any challenges you face.

Business Services


It's not just a truck... It's your business. To succeed you need talented and focused professionals who can help carry the load. That is why Barnett has partnered with American Truck Business Services to provide the tax, accounting, and business services that will help you maximize the return on the equipment you have leased through Barnett.